Is It In the Stars? See Your May Horoscope

There is so many blessings in the stars this month for all the signs!

Essence May, 12, 2016

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Mercury retrograde has begun its second tour for 2016. All things having to do with communication, contracts and technology start to go haywire on April 28. This eventful occasion will last until May 22 and will be coated in the slow, methodical vibrations of Taurus, so you may feel as if a sack of potatoes is clipped to your belt strap. Mars, the planet of action and aggression, has been wobbling out of formation as well, misusing its energy and picking fights with gnats that land on its nose. These days could be filled with misdirected anger and frustration or complete surrender. Let's pray you will choose the latter. Everyone longs for an excuse to be contemplative in the sun. May offers such a blessing!

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Looks like it's time for a Taurus to take some time just to think freely.

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It's time for Geminis to unwind this month. Take a few minutes to disconnect and get some well-deserved down time.

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Welcome new experiences this month, Cancers! 

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Don't stand in your own way this month, Leos. Your destiny is only yours to dream and make come true!

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There is nothing wrong with taking time to prepare for your next big move, Virgos. Sit back and relax, plot and plan, and soon the fruits of your labor will manifest into wonderful things!

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For Libras, facing your fears is always tough but don't worry! Keep people in your circle who can motivate you to make the next leap of faith.

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You're loyal and you know it but don't forget to say thank you to the people you love so they know just how appreciative you are for them.

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This is month for you to get right and get tight! Get your mind in order and check in with the doctor to make sure your health is in order for the rest of the summer.

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Helping hands will be there when you need them, don't be afraid to phone in a favor should you need to! It's ok to ask for assistance every now and again. 

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Forgiveness goes a long way for you this month Aquarius'.

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Fake it til you make it then truly live your life like it's golden!

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It's time to take a step in the right direction for your career. Don't be afraid to hustle and hustle hard!


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