11 U.S. Cities Where It's Legal to Drink Outside (Cheers!)

Las Vegas and New Orleans aren't the only places where you can toast to the end of summer on the go. We list all of the U.S. cities that double as bar hotspot hubs where you can legally drink outside.

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You can trapes through the beautiful streets of Sonoma with a glass of wine and it's totally normal. 

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You know what they say--what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Drinking on along the strip is indeed legal in the fast paced city.

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The go-cup zone of this Georgia city lets you carry one 16 ounce drink along the appropiate Savannah streets. 

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Enjoy some barbeque, blues and booze on Memphis' famous Beale Street. It's the only street in the city that's exempt from Tennessee's statewide ban on open containers so drink responsibly!

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East-coasters rejoice, enjoying an alcoholic beverage out and about in Erie, Pennsylvania is a thing!

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If you've traveled to New Orleans before, the you'll agree that there's no other city quite like it. And if this is you first trip to ESSENCE Festival and NOLA, you're in for quite the treat.

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If you're ever in Oregon and want to enjoy a drink or two in while taking in the sights of the great outdoors, head to Hood River. 

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When drinking out in the streets of the shopping district in Fredericksburg, Texas you've got to stick to beer and wine. (Sorry the hard stuff has to stay behind doors!)

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Enjoy the leisure outdoors in Gulfport with a good drink in your hand, it's legal!

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Everything is bigger in Texas and in Fort Worth, you can drink up in the streets as much as your little heart desires!

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Sip on all the drinks your little heart can stand in Indianapolis, there's an open container policy in the city. 


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