The 16 Travel Accessories You Need On Your Next Fabulous Trip

Whether you’re planning to travel internationally this summer or just hit a few domestic spots with family or friends, these travel accessories belong in your bag. 

Ni'Kesia Pannell May, 19, 2016

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Long flights and swollen feet obviously don’t mix, so having the perfect pair of compression socks to help alleviate your travel blues is definitely needed. Whether you’re a fan of general styles like the ones offered by CEP ($40+) or are in need of a little more fun with your socks like the ones Soxxy ($35) provides, make sure compression socks are the first thing on your list for your next flight.


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Whether you’re traveling to a freezing cold or exotically warm destination, S’ip by S’well’s 15oz insulated bottle keeps your drink at just the right temperature throughout the day. Found exclusively in Target stores for $24.99, there’s no price that can be put on having your drink at the right temperature when you need it. 

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Traveling with kids? No problem! The BuddyPhones InFlight safe audio headphones from onanoff protects your child’s hearing and comes with a sharing jack for multiple listeners.  While these particular headphones are priced at $49.95, onanoff has other options that are cheaper. 

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One thing that you’ll need – especially if traveling internationally – is a durable backpack. ecbc’s TSA Friendly Lance Executive Daypack is the perfect backpack to use as a carryon due to its FastPass system that enables you to just unzip, lie flat, and send the entire bag through the scanner. Equipped with a plethora of zipped compartments and retailing at $149.99, this backpack is worth every single dime you spend.

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When traveling on long flights or taking extended family road trips, having a reliable pair of headphones are an absolute must. If you’re like me and you like headphones for every occasion, having a pair of wireless stereo headphones, like the Jabra Move wireless ($99.99), or the ROAM Ropes earbuds ($199.99) – which serve as a necklace and has an app to go along with it – are just what you need when travelling. 

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If you’re always on the go, chances are your phone is always losing battery. MIPOW’s line of portable power chargers, like the Power Cube 9000 ($79.99), can help solve that issue. Compact yet powerful, the charger – which is currently only compatible with Apple devices – includes a built in lightening charger and an additional charging socket to charge an extra device while on the go.

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As women, making sure your hair is on point while traveling is imperative. If you’re traveling to a more humid destination (maybe ESSENCE Fest this summer?), then having CHI’s convenient, compact, and cordless mini flat iron ($109.99) should be the first thing you throw in your carry on.

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A reinvented house shoe for the traveling chic fashionista, Birdies Slippers are the way to go. Featuring a faux shearling or quilted insole for added comfort, these cute and stylish flats that range from $120 – $140, make traveling in your house shoes fun.

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When you’re a businesswoman on the go, chances are your laptop is always in tow. While most international flights come equipped with outlets for you to plug in your devices, some are still a little behind. Having Belkin’s Travel Rockstar Battery Pack ($59.99) on hand for those flights or when on a long road trip will always be a good decision.

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If you’re a person who likes to journal their traveling experiences or plan out the details of the trip, having pieces of paper thrown around or using a bland planner probably doesn’t cut it for you. Never fret though, Nicole Miller’s chic and unique planning essentials is surely what you’re looking for. From planners and calendars to mini and full-sized notebooks, this fashionable line of desktop stationary – exclusively available at Office Max and Office Depot – range from $4.99 - $27.99 in price.

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There’s nothing more depressing than losing one of your favorite or most expensive earrings while traveling, so ensuring that you can secure them in your ears is super important. Chrysmela Catch makes it to where you never have to be cautious about wearing those lovely diamonds out ever again. 

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Tired of packing all of your eyeglass and sunglass cases? Try Frameri’s line of interchangeable – and not to mention, stylish – eyewear that start at $99 to cut down on the amount of boxes you have to carry.

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Equipped with compartments for your passport, travel documents, debit and/or credit cards, loose change, and notes, mywalit’s Panama Zip Around Travel Wallet ($150) is perfect for those international trips that require multiple documents to be handy.  

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While this is a sample pack for men, ladies with slightly absentminded husbands, teens, or spouses should always have something stored away for them. Whether it is the sample pack ($36), the traveler shaving brush ($128), or something else from the brand, ensuring that the man of your life is able to look as good as you while traveling, is totally a must. 


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A fragrance with function, Aromaflage ($30+) is perfect for lovers of the outdoors. Chemical free, the fragrance and candle line naturally repels mosquitoes and is just as effective as the DEET-based products that you may normally use. Not a fan of the outdoors? Aromaflage has a botanical sleep fragrance that’s perfect for jet lag too!

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A trip wouldn’t be a trip without someone getting sick, right? Making sure you have the 5-day tapered immune support pack by the name of EZC Pak ($19.99) handy is probably one of the most important accessories for every trip. 


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