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Kandi Burruss On Where Xscape First Went Wrong 

Ahead of their much-anticipated Xscape concert, the singer talked about her biggest lesson from reuniting.
Kandi Burruss On Where Xscape First Went Wrong
Paras Griffin

Kandi Burruss has made a career out of making music, but along the way she made mistakes. During the Xscape panel discussion at ESSENCE Festival’s Empowerment Experience, the 41-year-old talked about what she’s learned since reuniting with her group members. 

“When we started things off there was a lot we didn’t capitalize off of, when we were younger, and we didn’t tour enough,” she said. “So it was a lot of money that we missed out on.”

Adding, “Even though we were very successful, we had three platinum albums, and multiple Top 10 hits, for that type of success, I don’t feel like we walked away with the type of money that we should of. I feel like we should’ve been writing a lot more. It’s kind of crazy after Tiny and I, we did ‘No Scrubs’ and right after, that we separated, and whatever, and when I started seeing those checks, I was like ‘Man, this is money we’ve been missing out on all this time.'”

In the ten years since all four original members have worked together, Burruss has learned a lot but also felt a different type of energy from fans. “We feel like the love and support we have from fans is more than before,” she confessed.

Essentially, time heals all. And if you pay attention, time may also make you more money.