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Kandi Burruss Has A Great Theory On Competitive Women  

Competition is nonexistent to the singer, if you're marketing yourself right.   
Kandi Burruss Has A Great Theory On Competitive Women
Paras Griffin

One may get a sense of Kandi Burruss’ business acumen from her endeavors on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But the Xscape member, mother and wife is essentially a business genius. No, seriously. 

During ESSENCE Path to Power: Entrepreneurship and Business Conference, Burruss served advice on the whim to audience members. From a children’s book author to a doctor opening up a practice with $300k in debt, she had a word for everyone. 

When discussing how to advance in any career, she spoke candidly about competition. 

“Network,” she insisted. “People are so afraid to network. People are always feel like they’ve got to compete with each other. Right? Okay, let’s be for real. Me and you, we can both have clothing stores, right? We still can hang out and go out together. Guess what? People shop at more than one store.”

Adding, “You see makeup lines, we’ve all got a makeup line. When you go to Macy’s, don’t you see a 100 makeup brands in there. All of them right there next to each other still selling. Why do some of us feel like, ‘Oh, it’s a problem?’ I don’t feel like I’m in competition with anybody. The way I market my brands is going to be different than where you market your brand. Both of us, if we’re both promoting each other, people are going to hit up both spots. They’re going to buy from both companies.”

On that note, all of us can start a little side hustle, guilt-free.