Jada Pinkett Smith And Queen Latifah Want Us To Demand Diversity

Jada Pinkett Smith stresses the importance of seeing and supporting the diversity of characters on the big screen. "If you're not buying it, it's not going to get made. You have far more power than we do."

Essence Jul, 01, 2017
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I think it's a constant fight. I don't think that there's. By no means is the fight over. For what we need to do to find that balance.>> Right.>> And I think at the end of the day. That's what you want. You want opportunity and you want fairness. And let me earn it from there. Get me in a room, let me earn it. You know what I mean? Right. I also think that you know, as audience, as consumers, we have a responsibility too on exactly what we're consuming. You might not know this but you might think that these people on this stage have a lot of power. But you actually have far more power than we do. You know because you are the ones who are consuming the product. You are the ones who are dictating what is going to be made if you believe it or not and so even as consumers just remember that. That even if its a project that might not pull your passion just know as a people we always have to support diverse, just diverse personalities, diverse stories within our communities. We have to remember that, because if you're not buying it, it's not going to get made. I don't care what we do. [APPLAUSE] Everyone may be masters of their craft and everyone may be masters at what they do but we're all new to this particular scene. We're new to this particular line, we've never does this scene before. So, in that moment we are all new so as a director you are building moments so just remembering the actors and the cinematographer, we're all new to this moment so just approach with that.- That's beautiful. [CROSSTALK] Monica how do you. I was just gonna say that it's so interesting because society will tell you to try to conquer your fear before you enter in. And I just feel like I don't care If I'm scared, I'm still going. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I can feel the way, but I'm gonna put on my shoes and I'm still gonna walk in that room. And the three words that have pushed me through that place are no matter what.