Get Lupita’s Sky-Scraping Met Gala Hair in 8 Steps
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At this point, Lupita has a made a name for herself by slaying on every red carpet, and this year’s Met Gala is no different. Obviously, Lupita is a beauty an fashion chamelion known for her daring looks that experiement with color and texture. And, while we were all in awe of her gorgeous jade green sequined Calvin Klein gown, it was her hair that really stole the show. 


A regal updo that was truly fit for a queen, her gravity defying crown was the essence of Black Girl Magic. A nod to Nina Simone and sculptural hair do’s from around the world, Lupita’s sky-scraping hair was a work of art. Lupita’s go-to stylist and hair master to the stars, Vernon François was responsible for the look, which incorporated kinky extensions, bun forms and dry styling products to create the stacked effect. 


Get the Look:

1. If your hair is on the shorter side, sew or crochet kinky extensions in the crown of your head. 

2. Using a hair pase or putty, smooth your hair back into a ponytail and secure with a lose elastic band.

3. Using a tulle bun, sculpt your lose ponytail around the bun and secure the free end with a lose elastic.

4. Repeat step 3 using a smaller tulle bun several times.

5. Leave the ends free and sculpt them into a sphere using hair spray. If you have hot razor, perfect the shape using a razor.

6. Spray the completed look with a strong hold hairspray like Göt2B Mess-merizing Texture Hairspray and blaze blast the ‘do with a blow-dryer on high heat, focusing on the areas with the elastics.

7. Cut the elastics from around each bun using a pair of sharp scissors.

8. Finish the look by applying oil sheen for a light shine.



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