Sometimes we need to look to the past for some fresh inspiration — and that’s just what we’re doing when it comes to our beauty for this holiday season. 

Since we’re super excited about NBC’s production of “Hairspray Live!” which premieres Wednesday (Dec 7) at 8 pm, we tapped makeup artist Andi Y. to create a modern take on a classic 60s look. 

Check out the video below for a totally groovy tutorial! 

And here are a few more tips and tricks if you’re looking to swing into the 60s! 

Twiggy Lashes and the Cat-Eye

Twiggy, America’s favorite fashionista of the 60’s, continues to inspire the fashion industry today. With her famous lashes and signature make-up, Beyonce recreated the look in her 2011 ‘Countdown’ video. You can recreate the look for an all-around 60’s vibe to your costume!

60s Pinup

We all know Rihanna can rock any style, but she made us stop when she channeled the sexy 60s swag for her cover shoot! To give the illusion of this timeless look, get out the neon colored eye shadow and platinum blonde wig.

Steven Klein

Rihanna for V 95 Summer 2015

The high-bump

Not only did Jordin Sparks sing her heart away in SPARKLE, she also brought the sixties back to life with her flawless, nifty style!  Whether it’s teasing the hair to pin it up, or using a bump tool to place in the hair, the high-bump is always making a comeback – and this Halloween is the perfect excuse to set that trend all over again!