How To Get Gabrielle Union’s MET Gala Razored Bob Cut
Getty Images
Classic bobs are always in, but for the past few seasons, celebs on the red carpet have sported the look more than ever before. It’s like, we woke up one day and it’s everywhere. Most recently, Gabrielle Union took a break from long hair and rocked the shorter ‘do at the MET Gala. Channeling her inner rock star, Gabrielle revealed an edgy style by celebrity hairstylist, Larry Sims. “We wanted to give her something super fresh, with a rock star vibe at the same time” says Sims. “I gave her a razored bob cut that is shorter in the back with elongated tips in the front, and layered throughout.” Get The Look: Step 1: Once Larry finished cutting Gabrielle’s hair, he went section-by-section starting at the nape of the neck and sprayed got2b guardian angel flat iron balm to protect hair from heat styling. Step 2: He then took a flat iron and gave her a bone straight finish. Step 3: Next, Larry set his blow dryer to cold on the highest setting to give her strands a wispy and voluminous finish. Step 4: Next, Sims rubbed pomade into his palms and ran the product through her hair for added texture. Step 5: Finally, Sims used a few drops of got2b glossy anti-frizz shine serum for additional shine and frizz control, and finished with hairspray to set the look.


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