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How To Turn Your Family Reunion T-Shirt Into Something you Actually Want to Wear

It's family reunion time and that inevitably means having to rock a mass produced T-shirt that is far from cute. Although we love representing our dear kinfolk, there has to be a way to take them up a notch, right? Totally! We've created a video showing three ways you can remix your family reunion T-shirt or any shirt you've got that begging for an upgrade. 

It’s officially family reunion season which means it’s time for intense games of spades, hearing that story uncle Craig tells you every time he sees you, and the promise of grandma’s home-cooked food. The season also comes with the that inevitable family tree T-shirt that’s in desperate need of some styling. 

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to remix your official reunion T-shirt (or any old shirts you may have lying around) into something you’ll want to wear again and again.

Check out the video above for quick tips on taking any T-shirt to the next level!


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