7 Things I Have to Tell Myself in the Midst of Heartbreak

The ending of a relationship is painful and with the heartbreak comes tears and self-loathing, a diet deeply dedicated to chocolate, ice cream and wine along with some deep feelings of frustration and aggrevation. In the midst of the breakdown of the relationship, whether short or longterm, here are seven things I have to remind my aching heart that you should also share with yours.

Lauren Porter Jul, 12, 2016

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Being in the wrong place in life means the time will never be right. Whether in a relationship or in a friendshi,p when the timing is off--what will be will be. Don't take it personal, you're not to blame.

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Knowing what you want, what you need and what you deserve are three different things. Making a choice in love that isn’t the best idea is just something you have to do. A bad boy is sometimes what you want and might be just what you need. Just make sure your heart, mind and soul know what you deserve.


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Blaming myself for learning a lesson in love or life won’t make swallowing a bitter pill any easier. In various situations, not coming out on top doesn't mean you've lost. Don't blame yourself as you're still growing!


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Cry for a night or two, ok maybe even three or four but then wipe away those tears and smile bright. Getting over the hump is the hardest part but once you're over it, you're over it!

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The ever-wise Prince once said, "A person trying to play me plays themselves,” and he was right. We all get caught up due to lapsed judgement but staying knocked down will never make the situation any better and besides a pity party is never really a party at all. 

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They say a temporary setback is only a set up for a comeback--and it's the truth. Knowing you're more than good enough even when it feels like the weight of the world is crushing you means all you have to do if dust your shoulders off when you’re feeling

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Learning to trust myself in making wiser decisions will get better over time and that moment of feeling free is truly cathartic. It's the last step of getting over the burden of feeling broken only to realize you weren't really broken at all. 


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