7 Quick Ways to Hide Bangs While They're Growing Out

Anyone who has ever worn bangs and eventually decided to grow them out is familiar with the awkward transition period. It can leave you frustrated and yearning for new ways to rock your hair until the desired length is achieved. Thankfully, there are 7 looks you can try instead of throwing in the towel. From ponytails to protective styling, check them all 0ut below!

Bukky Ojeifo Aug, 02, 2017

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Opt for braiding up your bangs by adding the trendy crown braid to your must-try list! Don't worry about the bang area being too short because the "weathered" braid look is totally in. Replicate this look by gently tugging at the braid after you’ve secured to the head with bobby pins.

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Let your hair down and place a part straight down the middle by sleeking your bangs into the rest of your hair. Invest in smoothing products like TIGI Bed Head Stick ($14, target.com) to ensure the outside elements won’t pull a part your sleeked down locks.

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Tired of dealing with your hair and growing bangs on a daily basis? Protect your tresses by choosing a protective style, such as faux locs, instead!

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Heading out for an night of elegance? Have no idea what to do with your grown out bangs? Explore updo options that require brushing your hair toward the back and finish it off with a lightweight hairspray.

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If you’re self-conscious about your forehead, but don’t want to constantly push hair away from your eyes, style your bangs to the side. It’s the best of both worlds!

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If you want to avoid frizz altogether, ditch the ponytail and twist your tresses into a top knot near the top of the forehead where your bangs live. And don’t forget to smooth flyaways down with an alcohol-free edge control!

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One of the easiest ways to conceal your transitioning bangs is to place your hair into a high ponytail near the top of the forehead.