Get Involved: 13 Organizations Leading The Fight Against Police Brutality

You’ve been outraged. You’ve been saddened. You’ve been frustrated. 

Now get involved. 

Here’s a list of 13 organizations across the country that are leading the fight to end the police brutality epidemic plaguing the Black community and the country. 

Rachaell Davis Jul, 15, 2016

1 of 13 Baltimore United for Change/ Facebook

Baltimore United For Change aims to combat injustice in Baltimore city through grassroots efforts, promoting African-American economic empowerment and educating the community on ways to take action towards building a better future.

2 of 13 Communities United Against Police Brutality/ Facebook

CUAPB takes an approach to fighting police brutality that involves dealing with the overall issue by targeting day to day incidents, as well as working towards ways to bring resolve in ongoing cases through a variety of methods including educating communities, demanding legislative action and advocating for justice on behalf of victims and families affected by police brutality.

3 of 13 @blackwomensbp/instagram

The Black Women’s Blueprint organization seeks to empower Black women and young girls by ensuring that the issues they face are included in the conversations, plans of action and forward movement with regard to the fight against racial injustice.

4 of 13 @changethenypd/instagram

CUFPR is a movement made up of lawyers, community members, researchers and activists aiming to end discriminatory policing practices in New York.

5 of 13 @byp100/instagram

The main goal of Black Youth Project 100 is to create justice and freedom for all Black people through leadership development, direct action organizing and education.

6 of 13 @handsupunited/instagram

The Books & Breakfast program is an extension of Hands Up United that seeks to cultivate an environment that encourages dialogue about social justice and educational development in African-American communities.

7 of 13 @thedreamdefenders/instagram

The Dream Defenders is a justice-seeking organization aiming to cause a shift in African-American culture through organizing, advocating and empowering Black communities to bring about disruption of oppressive political and economic policies.

8 of 13 @handsupunited/instagram

Hands Up United is an organization dedicated to fighting injustice through promoting the concept of increased political and economic education for people of color.

9 of 13 Safety Beyond Policing/ Facebook

This organization advocates against the use of taxpayer dollars for the hiring of NYPD officers who target communities of color and demands that those resources instead be used to better those communities through increased funding elsewhere.

10 of 13 @naacp/instagram

Your local NAACP chapter is an excellent resource for staying in the know about the latest happenings and learning about ways to stay involved in the fight to end the police brutality epidemic terrorizing the Black community.

11 of 13 @raceforward/ instagram

The Race Forward organization seeks to advance the fight for racial justice through building awareness, working towards solutions and assisting with leadership development within communities of color.

12 of 13 @weareheremovement/instagram

The We Are Here Movement is dedicated to fighting racial injustice, oppression and hopelessness in America while taking steps towards creating a world community based on true equality.

13 of 13 Movement for Black Lives/ Facebook

The Movement for Black Lives is dedicated to uniting communities across the globe for the purpose of advocating for an end to all forms of state violence against Black people and against the war on Black lives.


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