How You’re Making Valentine’s Day Weekend Special At Home
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Trying to celebrate a holiday while also practicing social distancing has become a tricky part of “the new normal” that we’re still becoming accustom to these days. But more and more people are welcoming the challenge, and one holiday after another we’re seeing you get creative with your plans. Of course, our first mid-pandemic Valentine’s Day will be no exception.

Pinterest is where millions of social media users flock to seek inspiration and DIY hacks for good living, and they’ve released their Valentine’s Day trends for 2021. This year, in honor of love, you’re getting crafty, fully embracing your sweet tooth and opting to make date night special at home. Here’s your breakdown of what’s hot this weekend and how you can make the moment your own if you’re still in search of some sweet V-day plans.

Make It With Love

According to Pinterest,  more and more people are using their platform to search for Valentine’s Day inspired DIY projects. Searches for “valentine’s day nail art designs” are up 15x and there are 19x more searches for “valentine’s day crafts for kids”. Nail art is the perfect way to add that extra special touch to your date night look, and also a brilliant challenge idea for you and your girlfriends to take on for the weekend—whose nail art creation will take home the top prize? Our money is on you. Start here for instant design inspo.

Good Lovin’ At Home

This year, Pinterest search trends reveal that you’re still focused on making Valentine’s Day weekend a special occasion, but with a twist—you’re transforming your home into a romantic date night setting. Searches on Pinterest for “romantic dinner settings” are up 8x, while those for “romantic room surprise” have jumped a whopping 36x year over year.  Searches for “valentine’s day décor for home” and “valentine’s day outdoor décor” also spiked this year. We see you, lovers! Okay, ready for some inspo? Make a big statement of love and stick to budget by filling your space with red or pink monochrome balloons—go for latex balloons to pack the biggest style punch while you’re at it. Make a smooch worthy bouquet with heart and love themed balloons that complement each other. Try one of these ideas while there’s still time to go balloon shopping. Cheers to an over-the-top celebration at home. Why? Because you deserve it.

Sweeten The Deal

If these Pinterest trends are telling us anything, it’s that somebody’s feeling mighty sweet this year. You’re in search of sweets for your sweethearts more than ever and you’re ready to try something new. Searches for “valentine’s strawberries ideas” are up 30x and “valentine’s day desserts” and “valentine’s day baking” are also way up this year. For all you last minute planners out there, there’s definitely plenty of time left to plan to bake your way to their hearts. Find fun, V-day inspired baking recipe ideas here, for beginners and gurus, and remember baked goods are the perfect “I love you” gift for mentors, friends, family and beyond. Baking also doubles as a great way to get your kids involved in making Valentine’s Day at home special—just be sure to have lots of pink, red and purple sprinkles and toppers ideas on hand, of course.

Bonus Tip: If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind romantic kickoff for the weekend, that doesn’t require you to spend a dime or leave the house, the King of Valentine’s Day himself, John Legend, has you covered with a free concert for lovers tonight. Now, go forth and make this Valentine’s Day magical—you’ve got this, sis!


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