Watch The ESSENCE Love Squad Attempt To Convince A Valentine’s Day Hater To Switch Sides


For Valentine’s Day to be a holiday devoted to love, it sure doesn’t seem to give everyone that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. While for some, it’s a day to share flowers, cards and romantic, candlelit evenings for two, others prefer to give it a major side eye and treat it like any other day.

20 Ways To Rock Your Valentine’s Day

Fans off the holiday are the first in line to make elegant reservations, jet off on island getaways or exchange tender kisses. Meanwhile, those against celebrating the day are quick to accuse Valentine’s Day of being commercialized, overblow and unnecessary; many arguing that you should celebrate the ones you love every single day, not just one.

Ask A Brother: What Men Really Think About Valentine’s Day

Watch as ESSENCE Relationship Editors Charli Penn and Charreah K. Jackson (AKA The ESSENCE Love squad) attempt to change the mind of one very steadfast Valentine’s day “hater.” Can they do it?

So, what say you? Is Valentine’s Day commercialized and overhyped or the perfect reminder to show your babe some love? Let’s talk about it!

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