25 Last-Minute Gifts For The Boss Babe In Your Life

To celebrate your girl boss bestie this year, here are a few gifts that will make her feel appreciated and celebrated for all that she does each day.
Kimberly Wilson Dec, 12, 2018

Black women are out here winning! In Hollywood, in corporate America, in politics and everywhere in between.

Not only are we living our best lives—we’re making it look easy. To quote the famous prophet, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter: “it ain’t nothing to a …boss.”

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But what about finding a gift for the woman who seemingly has everything. The one with the corner office, her own team, or her own multi-million dollar company?

With Christmas less than a month away, we’re getting down to the wire. So in case you’re having a hard time deciding what to give the boss women in your life, this list is for you. Whether you’re gifting her a few months of a subscription service or gathering a few items as a fun self-care package, get creative!

These little gifts are all effective ways to say “we see you” to your strong friend. Because you know, they may seem like they have it all — but they need love too.