SNL has had a few issues this season with their sketches that involve race, but it hasn’t stopped them from continuing to create more. This past weekend on SNL, the race sketch of the night was “White Christmas,” a trailer for “The first black Christmas movie for a white audience.” 

The trailer pulled scenes from Madea movies and ‘The Best Man Holiday’ but with white “SNL” actors as the cast, the standout being Paul Rudd as Madea. It even included reviews from publications, including one “from ESSENCE” calling it “The Macklemore of holiday movies.”

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The skit also included SNL’s only black actors, Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharaoh, in typically white roles giving “can you believe this” glances at the camera. 

We get that the idea of a skit poking fun at the racial differences in holiday movies, but the execution seems to be receiving mixed reviews. Did you find the trailer funny or offensive?