Tasha Cobbs has enjoyed many blessings in 2015, including releasing her sophomore album, One Place Live, which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Gospel charts and earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Album. There was also a Soul Train Awards performance that had everyone talking. As she readies to enter 2016 and complete the One Place Live tour, the worship leader shared a few ways she plans to make this Christmas—her second without her beloved father, Bishop Fritz Cobbs who passed away in 2014—a special one.

You already won your first Grammy nomination in 2014; another nomination must be a nice Christmas gift.
Yes! A lot people say they’re not as appreciated in their own homes but I’ve been blessed to have family and friends and church family who are extremely supportive of my career and what I do. So, when I’m blessed, to them, it’s like we are blessed and that is awesome to me because it takes a village to raise a kid. It also takes a village of people to make something this huge work. So we’re all being honored.

Will you be home for Christmas?
Actually, my mother is coming to spend Christmas with me in Atlanta this year. This is the first time. I’m so excited. 

What are you planning?
My mother is the best turkey burger maker ever. So on Christmas Eve some of my church family and friends are going to come over and Mama’s going to make turkey burgers for them and we’re going hang out, play some games, do some karaoke. Last week my entire family—that’s cousins, aunts, uncles, everybody—each year we do a Christmas party at a family member’s house. This year I hosted and it was absolutely amazing. Every year I look forward to every one of my family’s traditions. When my grandparents passed away we all agreed that we would always celebrate Christmas together. If it has to be a week or two before or after we make sure that we celebrate together. I had that last week and my Mama’s coming this week. It’s a great season.

What are some of your favorite songs of the season?
One of my favorites is “Oh Holy Night.” I love that because it talks about the birth of Christ and it brings focus to the reason for the season. It just brings your mind right into place.

You’ve had an amazing year, so what are you buying yourself for Christmas?
I love this question! Let me tell you why I said that because I’m one of those people who will shop for everybody. I’ll get my family and friends whatever they want but honestly, I’m not walking through a mall all day and not getting something for myself. So, I went shopping two days ago. I went to Burberry and bought myself a pair of shoes.

You earned it.
Yes, I did.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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