7 Things Every Woman Should Give Herself This Christmas
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Over the next few days many of us will still be scrambling in stores or scouring websites looking for gifts for our kids, partners, and other loved ones. But what if this holiday season, while you are working to make everyone else around you happy, you take time to do something for someone just as important—you.

Use this Christmas as an opportunity to be good to others and to yourself. Here are 7 things every woman should give herself this Christmas:

The gift of time. I am a wife, daughter, sister and mother to three-year-old triplets and I can honestly tell you that one of the keys to happiness and having good mental health is your ability to make time for yourself. So this Christmas create a schedule for yourself that allows you to have time for personal care and to do the things you enjoy. Whether it’s going to a yoga class, getting a manicure, or having lunch with a friend. Also, make time to be alone. To think, hear our own voice, and reflect on every aspect of your life.

The gift of eating well. Your body truly is your temple. Not to mention the fact that it is the only one you have. So take care of it by eating healthier foods and by choosing to buy “organic” in at least one food category. According to the USDA, organic food has significantly less exposure to pesticides than conventionally grown food. So make an investment in yourself by eating healthier, better food.

Spiritual connection. Develop a spiritual practice. Research shows having a spiritual practice is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. It also can provide you with a support network and a greater sense of purpose. So this Christmas get closer to God or other spiritual source for a less stressful, more peaceful and dynamic life.

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Health insurance. If you want to live a stronger, longer and healthier life, give yourself the gift of health and wellness this holiday season. According to U.S. census data approximately 48 million Americans are uninsured and not having quality health insurance can be a killer. This year alone, three of my Facebook friends posted status updates about women in their lives that died because of breast cancer. Shockingly, these women were all young, Black and mothers of young children.

According to the Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness, women of color have lower survival rates because of late detection and the main reason for this is health insurance. “Women who don’t have health insurance are much less likely to get mammograms than women with health insurance.” Now with recent changes in the law, every one of us is able to buy affordable health insurance (or get assistance with payments) regardless of your employment status whether you are employed, unemployed, or self-employed. So get it!

A new class or hobby. There is no better way to enrich your life personally and intellectually than to learn something new. Enroll yourself in a new class this season from cooking to photography. It will broaden your experience, stretch your brain and make your life more joyful.

One fashion necessity. And by fashion necessity, I mean a good pair of shoes or purse. Every woman needs at least one nice bag or good shoes that she can be proud of for important events, professional meetings or simply for the purpose of feeling great.

One fashion extravagance. Do you remember that L’Oreal commercial from years back that said “because you’re worth it?” Well it’s true. You are worth it. As women we give so much of ourselves to other people and other things. We give ourselves to our jobs, our families and even to our friends! So this Christmas make a fashion purchase for yourself that is a bit more extravagant than usual because in fact, you are worth it.

Notoya Green is an on-air parenting expert and mother of three-year-old triplets. A former law attorney, Notoya put her law career on hold to become a stay-at-home mom to care full-time for her children. She now shares her experiences at Triplets in Tribeca.