16 Products On Our ESSENCE Beauty Editors' Christmas Wishlist

We test beauty products for a living, but these are the gems we hope to find under our Christmas trees!

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Eye, cheek, and lip colors all in one travel-size palette? Yes, please!

$95, available at Sephora.com.

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The ultra precision slant tweezer is one of the best in the game, and when paired with an LED lighted 15x mirror, every pluck of hair is super-precise.

$85, available at Nordstrom.com.

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I’m a huge fan of blue mascara these days and this shade is the perfect hue. It’s not too noticeable, but gives just enough punch to stand out.

$34, available at Neimanmarcus.com.

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The perfect luxe accent for when I want to relax in a clean and festively decorated home.

$70, available at Neimanmarcus.com.

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I'll take one of each insanely gorgeous perfume—to wear and to glam-up up my dressing table.

$550, available at Saksfifthavenue.com.

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This is the perfect organizing tool for a makeup hoarder like me.

$185, available at Thetreasurebox.com.

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Winter skincare is essential and I can’t get enough of this line. It’s super hydrating and leaves my skin dewy and youthful.

$69, available at Sephora.com.

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I’m a total nail junkie so this allows me to mix and match and the bottles are small enough for travel!

$59, available at Sephora.com.

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Handheld mirrors are a necessity when I’m on the go, but this one takes it up a notch with it’s chic packaging.

$48, available at Sephora.com.

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It’s hard not to want this new palette. It’s beautiful and the colors are easy to blend.

$60, available at Sephora.com.

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Silk pillowcases are the gateway to better beauty sleep. Soft on skin, gentle on hair and just all around luxurious, the SLIP 'for beauty sleep Slipsilk Pillowcase was designed with you in mind. Kiss those early AM creases on your cheeks goodbye and get used to waking up looking better!

Available in black, caramel, charcoal, pink & white

$79.00/ Queen, available at nordstrom.com

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I've been hooked on the Le Labo brand for a few years now. What makes this brand so special is that the fragrances are not mass produced. Perfumers make them on hand for you upon ordering online or buying in-store; they take intimacy to a whole new level. Rose 31 is my personal favorite— an ambiguous fragrance that's feminine with a masculine edge. Think: notes of rose, cumin and amber.

$160, available at barneys.com

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Spend your holiday vacation treating yourself. Put on your favorite Christmas album and Indulge in a hydrating scalp mask, The cool mud nourishes your scalp and makes 'good' hair, great hair!

$69, available at espa.com

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I love a good candle, but one that doubles as art is even better! Perfume house, Fornasetti Profumi, makes beautifully fragranced candles and houses them in hand-painted ceramic vessels. So once you burn the candle, you'll still have a gorgeous new addition to your home decor.

Fornasatti Bacio Lidded Candle $175, available at Barneys.com

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Few things compare to that silky freshness you feel after shaving your legs with a new razor. Oui Shave has a gorgeous collection of razors made for women, by women. My personal favorite is the Carrie 14K Gold Razor Set. Who can say no to a 14K gold razor that's so pretty you'll want to show it off? And, it lasts for over 10 years! Disposable razors are so 2015.

$85, available at ouishave.com

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This is my absolute favorite scent. Flirty and delicately feminine with notes of hazelnut, rose and amber, it's a scent that's long-wearing and perfect year-round. Sadly, it's discontinued in the US and can only be bought through overseas outlets.