ESSENCE.COM Offical Wedding Playlist

“Spend My Life With You” by Eric Benet

Play It: During your ceremony processional.Why? The day has come, and the time for you to become one with your soul mate is now. They lyrics are sweet vows set to music.

“At Last” By Etta James

Play It: During your first dance together as husband and wife. Why? Every woman watching in the world felt goosebumps when President Obama danced and swayed with First Lady Michelle Obama as Beyonce serenaded them with this classic. You don’t need Mrs. Carter on hand to recreate the magic of that moment, just this tune playing in the background.

“All The Man That I Need” by Whitney Houston

Play It: As a surprise dedication to your boo midway through your reception. Why?There is no sweeter musical tribute to the man of your dreams, and no one sung it better than the late, great Whitney Houston.

“For You” by Kenny Lattimore

Play It: As you walk down the aisle toward your future husband. (If you’re a traditional girl, you can always play the wedding march as the processional begins.) Why? This song symbolizes never-ending love and devotion — both of which are key components in the foundation of a successful marriage.

“Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder

Play It: During the father-daughter dance. Why? Stevie Wonder wrote and recorded this classic when his daughter Aisha was born, and he poured the overwhelming joy he felt inside his heart into every note. Plus, if you listen closely at the end of the original song, you’ll hear little Aisha splashing around in the bathtub. Dad will eat this moment up!