Forgotten Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

There were several key milestones during the Civil Rights Movement, especially those pivotal moments more than 50 years ago in 1963. Here, we take a look at the lesser-known figures of the movement who helped shape today's community and culture. 

Myeisha Essex Feb, 01, 2017


James Farmer, Whitney M. Young, Jr. and Dorothy Height

2 of 9 Allan Baum/New York Times Co./Getty Images

Bayard Rustin

3 of 9 John Bottega, NYWTS staff photographer

Asa Phillip Randolph

4 of 9 AP Photo/William J. Smith

Fannie Lou Hamer

5 of 9 Photo from 'Imitation Of Life'

Fredi Washington

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Charles Hamilton Houston

7 of 9 Courtesy of the Urban Archives: Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa

Octavius Catto

8 of 9 Highlander Research and Education Center

Septima Poinsette Clark and Rosa Parks

9 of 9 Steve Schapiro

Dave Dennis