Black History Month: #BlackMenSmiling Adds New Dimension Of Joy To Twitter
It’s only the third day of Black History Month, and each day has brought forth fresh outtakes of black joy. Comedian Dennis Bank, who uses the Twitter handle @Felonious_munk, wanted to see more of that joy when he asked black men on Twitter to share photos of themselves smiling with the hashtag #BlackMenSmiling. “Today let’s share some pics of #BlackMenSmiling,” wrote Banks. “Like big goofy smiles. Happy (even if just for a moment) with life smiles. Normalize happy. #BlackHistoryMonth where your teeth at?” And black men responded in kind on Friday, sharing photos of themselves in various forms of glee.     #BlackMenSmiling was trending for much of Friday. Some of your favorites celebrities, like Terry Crews, also got involved.     “If nothing else #BlackMenSmiling is opening my eyes to how rare it is to catch a Black man smiling on camera,” Banks said in another tweet. “It’s like we can’t leave evidence of our happiness.”

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