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[MUSIC] Remember the days when you would sit between your mother's legs while she oiled your scalp? That black hair tradition carries centuries of history with it. Without the traditional concoctions and herbal regimens from the mother land. Slaves were forced to reinvent new treatments that not only moisturize our wool like strand But also protected their scalps from fleas and other parasites. This included rubbing anything from baking grease to petroleum jelly into their scalps. At the turn of the 20th century, Madam C.J. Walker was credited with inventing a more modern version of hair grease. She called this pomade Wonderful Hair Grower. It was a scalp healing formula that came to her in a dream. Her work as America's first self-made millionaire made it possible for hair grease to evolve and grow as its own beauty category. From the debut of Murray's Hair Pomade in 1925 to Blue Magic in 1968 to the modern day spinoffs of our favorite moisturizing brands. Hair grease has stood the test of time as an iconic essential within the black community. And that's the hair story. [MUSIC]
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