Black Beauty History: Joyce Bryant, the Original Bronze Bombshell
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Long before bodacious women like Pam Grier, Beyoncé and Halle Berry became the multitalented bombshells we love, there was Joyce Bryant.

Often dubbed the “black Marilyn Monroe,” “Bronze Bombshell” and “The Belter,” Bryant rose to sex symbol status in the ‘40s as a singer and actress. Working her way from low-paying gigs to high profile performances around the country, Bryant’s low-cut mermaid gowns and silver hair became as iconic as her voice.

In fact, her signature mane is courtesy of radiator paint, which Bryant doused her hair with after discovering that she would be sharing a stage with Josephine Baker. Needless to say, the San Francisco native was hardly upstaged on that fateful night.

Beyond her undeniable beauty and commanding presence on stage, Bryant also fought against racial inequality, eventually breaking boundaries as the first Black performer in several high profile venues, including the Miami Beach Hotel and Casino Royal.

The singer, who is still alive today, left show business to devote her life to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the ’50s, but as you can see, her status as a boundary-breaking beauty remains intact.

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She was glam personified, flaunting her curves and rocking uncoventional beauty looks long before either were acceptable. Her silver strands are iconic, but we’d be remiss to overlook the rest of her bombshell beauty choices, including a classic lip. Bryant never hit the stage without a painted pout and we’re pretty sure she would have slayed in any of these modern day shades: 

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See more throwback photos of “The Belter” below! 


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