ESSENCE Eats: Join Our Debate on These Traditional Holiday Cocktails

We ask and answer the question - what is egg nog anyway?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – no not Christmas – holiday cocktail season! This is the season when a variety of delicious libations grace our cups so we can toast to the end of another great year. But no two holiday drinks are as loved – or debated – as Egg Nog vs. Coquito.

Some people prefer the classic taste of traditional American Egg Nog, while others prefer the rum-filled island flavor of Puerto Rican Coquito.  And some have never heard of either drink at all – but we won’t judge them. One thing is for sure, once you try either, you’ll definitely have a favorite you’ll look forward to enjoying year after year.

Watch to see ESSENCE staffers debate their love/hate relationship with these holiday cocktail favorites, and find out which drink ends up being the toast of the town.

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