9 Great Holiday Gifts For the Woman Who Can't Stay Out Of The Kitchen

Cool kitchen appliances make great holiday surprises for your loved ones during the holiday season. We’ve rounded up our top nine kitchen goodies to give this Christmas.

Andrea Jordan Dec, 05, 2016

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Keurig machines never get old. If you aren’t able to splurge on a barista machine, this system is the perfect option. We love that it comes in bright and poppy colors! ($130)

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These oil and vinegar bottles are super chic and the perfect accessory for a kitchen counter. $30; gaeaus.com

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If you have a friend who loves a good crock-pot, this pressure cooker is the next best thing. With the same delicious effects of a slow cooker, but in much less time, this gadget is redefining dinner in minutes. $80; amazon.com

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A fresh set of pots and pans is always a treat. While it may not be on everyone’s wish list, these are sure to please friends and family of all ages. $80; walmart.com

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With the New Year comes new health and fitness goals and this tool aligns with just that. Instead of blowing $8-10 on a juice, invest in a juicer and make your very own blends at home. $140; amazon.com

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Fried food just got more exciting and healthier with this easy to use gadget that crisps up foods using air technology. You won’t even be able to tell the difference from deep frying in oil and your waistline will thank you. $118; kohls.com

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Time to throw away your plastic clear containers and decorate your kitchen with these festive ingredient holders. With vivid colors and wood lids, these will add bit of pop to your kitchen counters. $35 - $60 each; shop.nordstrom.com

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Perfect for entertaining or just have a date night with your beau, this wine shilling carafe looks luxe, but doesn’t break the bank. $50; bedbathandbeyond.com

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Don’t shy off from the price tag. This splurge worthy item is totally worth it. If you have a family member who is obsessed with coffee and other hot beverages, this is the gift to buy. It’s not your basic coffee maker. I like to call it Starbucks in a machine. It literally does everything with the touch of a button. You become your very own barista. ($1,800)