6 Practically Free Gifts to Give The One You Love This Holiday Season

Love definitely doesn’t cost a thing, so what better way than to give it for the holidays? Still searching for the perfect last-minute gift to give the one you love this Christmas? Put on your thinking cap and give from the heart.

Lauren Porter Dec, 20, 2016

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If your man is totally into a specific movie genre, plan a whole afternoon devoted to the flicks that'll make him feel like a kid again. Make some of his favorite eats, bake some delicious treats and gift him the day with you by his side watching all the films he loves!

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Make every Christmas special from here on out with a special ornament to hang from the tree. Take some time to paint or make an ornament for bae that has to do with him and only him. Not only will it make his heart smile, but seeing the handcrafted gift made with thoughtfulness and love will be all the more sentimental for many years down the road.

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Add a book, his favorite candy, a custom mixtape, their favorite bottle of wine or whiskey, a t-shirt you know he'll love and something sexy for those nights apart. It'll be the gift that keeps on giving!

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Unsure of where your love will take you next, just hit the open road! Fill up your gas tank and head out to see the sights. Turn your GPS off the see where you end up. The car ride will give you guys plenty to talk about, allow you to see so much and who knows, you may just find something cool along the way!

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Did you two have the most divine meal while out on a date? Look up the menu and a recipe and put your cooking skills to the test. Whether you pull off the master chef experience, it'll definitely be the thought that counts when having a little fun in the kitchen!

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Live like a kid again and create a living room fort just for the two of you! Create a scrapbook full of your favorite photos together! Pull of the perfect boys night out for him and his friends! Use your imagination to put a smile on his face, who knows, he might just return the favor!