The Types Of Guys You Meet In College

The men you find on the yard.

Lauren Porter Aug, 25, 2017

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This brother knows his history and he's there to learn more. He's down to protest for any and everything.Tuition went up? He's first in line to talk to the Dean about how it will affect students. Funding cut for the Black student union? It will keep him up at night. The dining hall got rid of the soft taco shells for Taco Tuesday? He's in the cafe manager's face on that one too.

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Not all college guys are ready for a relationship. This guy thinks he is, at first, but you learn later that he really didn't mean it. He's not exactly your first love, or a jerk for that matter, but you two will get so comfortable being together that when you realize it's just not going to work out, it will sting like he was.

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He has his sights set on becoming captain of the team, and trust, that's his number one priority no matter what he tells you. If you're looking for him, he'll be at practice or training off season. He's charismatic and he has the moves to sweep you right off of your feet, but he may not have the time to commit to anything more than a situationship.

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He may or may have not been on the welcoming committee for your dorm hall. He might have helped move you into your room and your mom definitely said or did something to embarrass you in his presence. The upperclassmen is a nice guy but upon meeting him, you won't immediately know his campus reputation. You'll want to steer clear of crushing on him, at least for the first couple of months, until you know what he's really all about.

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We all have that one guy in college who we put in the friend-zone almost immediately. He becomes our reliant sounding board for all guy code deciphering even though we never see him romantically. He'll hold you down with extra dining hall swipes, sit up all night with you when the new House of Cards drops on Netflix and help you get your mind off things when you get your heart broken.

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You thought that high school "love" was real? There is nothing quite like your first college love story. It's new and exciting. Both of you are away from home for the first time (wink, wink) and you're able to enjoy your relationship in ways you never have before. You two will study together, you'll party together and you practically spend the semester playing house together too. Whether the love lasts or not, the memories you make with him you'll always cherish.

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He's quiet and a little shy but hella smart. He's lowkey a cutie but he'll never know that you're trying to shoot your shot because he's too busy with his nose in the books, and for that, you can't be mad at him.

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Some college students leave the partying for Thursday to Saturday while others take advantage of all seven days in the week and never need an excuse to go out. If he's not sliding in your DMs with a party promotion flyer, he's greeting you at the front door of the latest gathering with a cup of jungle juice in hand inviting you in for a good time.

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He's a full-on frat guy and he eats, sleeps and breathes by his letters. If he's not talking about why his fraternity is the best, doing community service or practicing his latest stroll across the campus, he's stealing the show on campus.

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Ahh, the teacher's assistant. He's lowkey fine but also a little too old for you. Somewhere mid-semester you may start to majorly crush on him and frequenting his office hours for extra help (even though you don't need it). One night you'll see him around on campus and see he has a girlfriend and you'll be crushed. But it will be ok, girl. Where there is one cute TA there is always at least two more.

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Every college campus has a straggler who just loves the school vibe --he's either a town local who grew up loving the university, a cousin of a classmate who came to visit for the weekend and never went home, or a complete random.

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You know the type, he's vegan, he's always listening to some weird but good music, he's reading a world-leader's autobiography and is constantly preaching about global warming.