10 Apps That Will Make Your Life On Campus Easier

Need help managing life on campus? There’s an app for that.

Ni'Kesia Pannell Aug, 25, 2017

If the thought of heading off to college this year has you a little overwhelmed, there’s a huge chance that you’re not alone in that feeling. Though many college students — whether returning or just starting — are excited about the start of a new year on the yard. the stress of getting adjusted to new schedules, housing, and financial struggles that may not have been expected can be a lot.

While everyone’s college experience may be different, there are similar tactics that each person can use to make the year sail a little smoother. Since most college students depend on their phones for everything, what better way to implement those tactics than to put them in app form? Although apps like Uber and UberEATS are beneficial to students for transportation and food dealings, other apps that focus on study material and mental clarity should be on your radar for this upcoming school year, too.

Heading back to college doesn’t have to be stressful this time around. To prove that, here are 10 apps that help you raise the bar.

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Need an easier way to search for scholarships this upcoming school year? You'll definitely want to download the Scholly app to make your life much easier. Doing all of the hard work by matching you with the scholarships that fit you best, the app also sends out reminders of approaching deadlines and requirements so that you never miss an opportunity for you to get the cash for school that you deserve.

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Whether you're heading out for an early morning jog or to the grocery store at midnight, staying safe should be at the top of mind. With the Companion app, you'll have a new way to do just that. Have those you trust and love virtually track you to your destination and be alerted if your pace picks up or your earpiece falls out. You can also alert your virtual companions and those who use the app nearby if you feel nervous and receive help in just one tap.

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Stay relaxed, focused, and stress free this year with the Simple Habit meditation app. Providing over 1,000 meditations that each last five minutes, this app is perfect for students who like to meditate, but may not necessarily have the time to because they're always on the go.

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Never spend another night struggling through your homework once you've downloaded the Got It or Got Ir Pro apps. Connecting you with a math, science, or tech expert right there on the spot, each app helps you get the help you need to make this year your best yet. You can even snap a photo of your homework problem and get free step-by-step explanations right there in the palm of your hand. And, if you really know your stuff on one of subjects offered, you'll want to become one of the Got It's Experts to earn some extra cash.

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Get 24/7 access to course-specific study material including course notes, online study guides, and practice tests with Course Hero. Students can also receive help from tutors and get step-by-step assistance with homework. Additionally, users can earn rewards by uploading study documents to help others.

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If fumbling over notecards has gotten old to you, downloading the Flashcards+ app should be your next step to help you ace all upcoming tests. Eliminate the chance of losing a flashcard and have all of your study material in the palm of your hand. Flashcards+ even lets you add photos to help with visual memorization and audio for pronunciation.

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Being on a college budget shouldn't mean you have to forego everything pleasing and with the Soothe app, you surely won't have to. Perfect for those stressful weeks and moments where you just need to relax, the on-demand massage service can come right to your dorm room to deliver a 60, 90 or 120-minute massage with as little as an hour notice. There is a fixed fee for each option — with the tip being included — and you can book daily between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight.

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Looking to find a new friend while on campus? Friendish is an app designed to do just that while eliminating the bias in finding a friend while doing so. Choose relevant interests and find people in your area who like the same things. This will definitely come in handy if you've moved to a new city or state for college.

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If the size of your college dorm room has you deterred from cooking on the regular, SideChef can help with that. Offering almost 5,000 recipes, how-to videos, and the option for pre-measured ingredients delivered to your door, this free step-by-step cooking app can help any college cook navigate the kitchen and make dorm room cooking become a breeze.

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For most college students, staying on budget and keeping track of finances aren't always the easiest things to do. With the Mint app though, all of that just got easier. Keep an eye of the money coming in and going out by tracking your spending, creating budget sheets, scheduling payments, and paying bills all through this one app. Your savings account will thank you later.