If the thought of heading off to college this year has you a little overwhelmed, there’s a huge chance that you’re not alone in that feeling. Though many college students — whether returning or just starting — are excited about the start of a new year on the yard. the stress of getting adjusted to new schedules, housing, and financial struggles that may not have been expected can be a lot.

While everyone’s college experience may be different, there are similar tactics that each person can use to make the year sail a little smoother. Since most college students depend on their phones for everything, what better way to implement those tactics than to put them in app form? Although apps like Uber and UberEATS are beneficial to students for transportation and food dealings, other apps that focus on study material and mental clarity should be on your radar for this upcoming school year, too.

Heading back to college doesn’t have to be stressful this time around. To prove that, here are 10 apps that help you raise the bar.