This is a bit last minute for ordering tree ornaments, so get into this and order fast!

I looovvvee decorating­ my parents’ tree each year. It happens after Thanksgiving when we’re all at home. Our trees are always beautiful, and eclectic. And despite the fact we have boxes of tree decorations of every kind and fashion, newbies are always welcome. 

Now I have relatives and friends who are far more, let’s say specific with their tree décor. Either all the decorations are white, or everything on the tree is a star… We have some friends with multiple trees in their homes. Fact is, many of us get into putting up a tree. But even if you’re not that person, you probably know someone who is. Like I said, I relish in decorating my parents’ tree. I don’t bother in my smallish Brooklyn apartment, but I still buy tree decorations for the folks and for gifts. They mark time (Christmas 1990) or places we’ve been to (Eiffel Tower). It’s traditional, decorative, festive. As corny as it sounds, decorating the tree is still one of the joyous hallmarks of the season. 

Enjoy the options below. There’s still time to get these beauties before December gets here. 


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