It sounds cheesy, but one of the wonderful things about Christmas is the giving. Not the commercial trap-giving, but the giving of time to be together, the giving of love that’s behind preparation for a holiday gathering and the little gestures, that mean a lot.

You probably already know what you’re giving your loved ones for Christmas, but let’s not forget about the folks outside of your inner circle that also mean something to you. Their presence in your life is much appreciated. So let them know that, with a kind gesture, a note, and a little gift, one that’s funny, practical or speaks to their special interests. No need to spend a fortune. And yes, the gift ideas here are also great stocking-stuffers for that inner circle––but this post is to remind you to remember that nice neighbor of yours who gets your mail when you’re away, or your kid’s teacher that made a positive difference during the pandemic. Then there’s your book club buddy, the teenager who always shows up to cut your grass, or your old cubicle mate that you have a crush on but haven’t seen IRL for a minute––you get the idea.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the essential workers in our lives! Our hairdressers (they’re essential to many) or the grocery store clerk you always joke with… Share the love and let them know you’re happy they’re in your life.