10 Great Holiday Gift Ideas For That Friend Who's Obsessed With Taking Instagram Photos

Everyone knows someone who does it all for the 'gram. Here are 10 holiday gift ideas they'll love just in time for Cyber Monday shopping.

Charli Penn Nov, 28, 2016

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This just might be the coolest iPhone case yet and the perfect gift for the budding on-the-go smartphone photographer. After they attach the Prynt Case to their iPhone, it will prompt them to snap a photo and a quick video of the moment. Seconds later the case will print out a 2x3 version of the picture right in the palm of their hand for them to give to a friend or keep. The best part: The ink-free printing has a major hidden perk they’re gonna love. Hover off the prints while using the Prynt app, and you’ll see the embedded video clip of that moment. Um, we love it!

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Just because they’re using a smartphone, that doesn’t make their best shots any less amazing—and frame worthy. With a gift card from Framebridge, they can order custom framed 5x5 prints of their most liked Instagram moments to create their own gallery wall at home. Winning! Order a gift card here.

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For the person who lives for taking unique photographs, there isn’t a new camera around they wouldn’t love to try, and this one is no exception. The Podo Stick and Shoot Camera’s name says it all. Just stick the camera anywhere, then use the smartphone app to snap away. Dope!

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Give them the gift of perfect selfie light every time. Who can say no to that? The LuMee phone case comes with a built in front-facing light and a reputation for being a favorite among celebs and selfie queens alike.

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The lucky holder of a gift card from Postrgram can turn their favorite picture of the year into a large photo mosaic poster, on you. Double tap that, then order one here.

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For that friend in your life who is always trying to outdo their last most-liked ever photo, the 4-in-1 Olio Lens is what their Instagram dreams are made of. One lens seamlessly converts between fisheye, wide angle and 10x macro lenses.

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There are endless ways for photo lovers to print their favorite Instagram moments, but this is one of our favorites. Purchase a Sticky9 gift certificate for the photo fanatic in your world to help them turn their favorite photos into daily reminders of their dopeness on the fridge.

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All of their favorite smartphone photos magnified and projected for display anytime, anywhere. Seriously, what more could they ask for? Find one here.


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Shopping for a friend whose photography has become way more than a compulsive hobby? We’ve got you! Demetrius Fordham’s book What They Didn’t Teach You In Photo School: The Secrets Of the Trade That Will Make You A Success In The Industry was made for budding photogs hoping to make the move from amateur to the big leagues. It includes advice on taking better photos, starting their own photography business and building their brand online. Seriously, you’re really hooking them up.


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For the friend who never gets tired of taking (and posting) selfies, this one’s for them. Buy it here.