En Vogue Reveals Their Secret To Staying Fit And Looking Good

These R&B divas haven't aged a day! Here's their secret.

The ladies of En Vogue recently stopped by the ESSENCE office to reveal how they stay fit and energized onstage. Having been a force in the music business since the ’90s, the members say what keeps them going is working out and eating clean.

“We all do cardio, resistance weight training, eat pretty clean, and drink a ton of alkaline water,” says group member Cindy Herron.

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Clean eating is a phrase that many of us have heard before, but not everyone quite understands what it means. Herron perfectly explains what foods we should be consuming and why.

“[Clean eating] means eating as organic as possible and as farm-to-table as possible,” she says. “We don’t do much processed foods, because most of them aren’t really foods. Our bodies don’t recognize them as foods, so you can’t break them down.”

Instead of overprocessed foods like bread, pasta and rice, En Vogue suggests whole grains, legumes, raw nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.

That’s food for thought that you can definitely take with you on the next grocery run! See En Vogue’s healthy living advice in the clip above.


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