You’ll Never Guess Who Styles Freda Gatz’s Hair
GETTY/ Art by Virginia Lowman

Avid Empire fans know the name Freda Gatz, but you may be new to meeting rapper, Bre-Z who plays Ms. Gatz on the popular show. Before making her TV and musical debut; however, Freda made a name for herself in the major metropolitan areas a top notch barber, shaping up some of your favorite celebs.

Recently, the she met with The Cut Life to talk music, hair and her foray into the limelight. Naturally, as a trained barber, Bre-Z (or Bre-Z Babii, to some) takes her grooming practices seriously—hairlines and edge ups are not things that she plays around with. But, even as a star of one of TV hottest shows, she still considers her step mom to be her favorite stylist stating, “[my step mom] just knows how to treat me. Hair is so important to me coming from [a cosmetology] background, a lot of people when you’re in the limelight, they just want to do it; they don’t care if they’ve burned you [hair] off.”

Bre-Z’s hair is always impeccably coiffed, so we definitely can’t blame her for keeping it in the family. And those of us with pixi cuts are certainly taking notes! 

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