Winnie Harlow Reminds Us How Much She Loves Her Natural Hair

These days it’s difficult to know which top models are wearing their natural hair as weaves and hair extensions are so popular. But, more and more models like the lovely Winnie Harlow are wearing their natural curls on their down time, and are couldn’t be prouder. Recently the top model shared her go-to look for the summer.

She captions: “But don’t let the work weaves fool you.. I know where I’m from this used to be my go to. It’s just not versatile enough for work.” 

In another picture she sported a massive afro puff that serves all types of hair envy. Her caption? “I know where I’m from, but I also know Who I Am This is my favourite hair. MY hair. And no don’t ask to wear it out. They’re called protective styles for a reason. The protect my God Given crown. Black hair damages very easily” 

With such a grueling schedule, we understand the need for protective styling. We hear you Winnie and love what you do with your ‘do!

Do you love your natural curls, too? How often do you share pictures of your natural hair?

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