32 Beautiful Black Women Wigging Out On Instagram

Of all the protective styling options out there, wigs are by far the most fun. In addition to keeping our natural locks tucked away, the number of looks we can create with just one are literally endless. Maybe you want to dye it a bold and vibrant shade. Perhaps you want to braid it into an updo. However you decide to wig out, it makes for a stylish way to keep warm in the coming months. And let's be real, wigs also make looking fabulous on-the-go easier than ever. For many of us, finding a new do begins with inspiration and Instagram is the best place to start. These beautiful black women are proof that sky's the limit for wig wearers. Prepare to be amazed! 

Nikki Brown Oct, 12, 2016

1 of 32 @cherrishblackofficial/instagram

Anyone else getting Queen Bey vibes from this fab, voluminous mane?

2 of 32 @cherrishblackofficial/instagram

These platinum blonde braids are cute and chic. 

3 of 32 @acentraldasdivas/instagram

This textured bob is the perfect fall shade. 

4 of 32 @acentraldasdivas/instagram

We're crushin on these beautiful, brown curls. 

5 of 32 @gwanloc/instagram

This larger than life fro is giving us life! 

6 of 32 @madebynaa/instagram

This pretty fro looks like a dream. 

7 of 32 @vivianegbedi/instagram

How gorgeous is this bold and vibrant shade? 

8 of 32 @acentraldasdivas/instagram

These coily curls are simply gorgeous. 

9 of 32 @themariaantoinette/instagram

Loving the chestnut hue of Maria's glorious fro. 

10 of 32 @bonniejayno/instagram

Her vampy lipstick is a perfect match for this coif. 

11 of 32 @fleekaveliii/instagram

These curls belong on a red carpet. 

12 of 32 @cherrishblackofficial/instagram

Loving the dark and sexy shade of these waves! 

13 of 32 @lovetteshouseofstyle/instagram

This voluminous mane reminds of Diana Ross' iconic hair. 

14 of 32 @acentraldasdivas/instagram

The X-Men would definitely approve of these lengthy locks. 

15 of 32 @itsmyrayeraye/instagram

What better way to keep warm than with a head of beautiful ringlets?

16 of 32 @itsmyrayeraye/instagram

The side part in these loose curls are our favorite styling trick. 

17 of 32 @itsmyrayeraye/instagram

This curly coif is worthy of the red carpet. 

18 of 32 @itsmyrayeraye/instagram

Nicki MInaj would definitely approve of this bubblegum pink bob.

19 of 32 @wigmarket/instagram

These pint-sized locs are super chic. 

20 of 32 @itsmyrayeraye/instagram

Bone straight tresses for the win! 

21 of 32 @journeytopetite/instagram

This bright hue is actually makes for a beautiful fall look. 

22 of 32 @premierluxeext/instagram

Sexy and sleek: the perfect hair combination! 

23 of 32 @fabbyledutches/instagram

She's slaying the hair game with these luscious locks. 

24 of 32 @fabbyledutches/instagram

Honey blonde locks will always turn heads. 

25 of 32 @lovelychantel18/instagram

We're absolutely obsessed with the color detailing on her ends! 

26 of 32 @fabbyledutches/instagram

You can never go wrong with a top knot! 

27 of 32 @thebraidercom/instagram

We're ready to channel our inner mermaid with this beautiful blue hue. 

28 of 32 @lovelychantel18/instagram

These soft waves are a dream. 

29 of 32 @cherrishblackofficial/instagram

Two peace signs up for this fabulous mane! 

30 of 32 @beautybyjorollins/instagram

This mane is simple, yet extremely stylish; obsessed! 

31 of 32 @cherrishblackofficial/instagram

Work it girl! This hairstyle is perfection. 

32 of 32 @cherrishblackofficial/instagram

Naomi Campbell has to be an inspiration for this sexy look.