Imagine sending your daughter to school in the morning with braids or ponytails only to have her return later that day with a completely shaved head.

That’s exactly what Denise Robinson says happened to her 7-year-old daughter, Tru. Enraged by the incident, Robinson took to Facebook to vent about her anger and disbelief. 

According to Robinson, a volunteer at the school chose to cut Tru’s hair without asking for parental permission. The volunteer allegedly asked Tru if it was okay to shave her head and the little girl agreed. Robinson feels like her daughter was singled out. 

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“I really feel like this was racially motivated,” she continued. “None of the other girls got their hair shaved. She was the only girl who was shaved bald today. The boys weren’t even cut this low.”

On Tuesday, the incident quickly went viral on social media as many expressed outrage via the #WhyTru hashtag. 

Robinson has since met with the school and shared that both the school and the volunteer have accepted responsibility, although she is still unhappy. 

So why was this beautiful little girl and her natural tresses singled out?