In many ways Nicole Zimmerman was just like any other bride-to-be on her wedding day, with dreams of looking and feeling like a princess as she and her fiancé shared their I Do’s. But Zimmerman is battling stage four kidney cancer, and doctors were concerned she wouldn’t live to see her nuptials, which were originally scheduled for October 25. The Houston, Texas resident lost her hair during chemotherapy treatments and Davion Anderson, a local stylist who creates custom wigs, was planning on crafting the perfect wedding style for the bride-to-be, only he thought he would have more time. When Anderson learned that the big day needed to be pushed up to October 4, he immediately sprung it to action, creating a stunning wig in just three hours. “Imagine if this was your mother or sister,” he said in an interview with BuzzFeed Life. “I grew up surrounded by women, and I know that if your hair or makeup isn’t looking good, then you’re not feeling good about yourself.” Anderson also helped recruit a style team for Zimmerman, along with a DJ, caterer and florist, who all donated their time and efforts to ensure she had an incredible day. Anderson hopes to help more women in need with his foundation Defining Your Own Beauty. This article originally appeared on MIMI.