Wig Out: The Tricks for Finding Your Weave ‘Happy Place’

Raise your hand if you’ve spent a pretty penny on hair weave or wigs in your lifetime. Okay, I see you waving over there. Yeah girl, me too!

The truth is, when you’re experimenting with weaves and trying to find a look you can own, getting there can cost you. You know what they say: You get what you pay for. Which means, good hair, if you’re buying it, rarely comes cheap. This is why when you try a style or look that you’re not happy with it really hurts your pockets and puts a damper on your mood. If you don’t have thousands (yes, I said thousands!) to spend on pricey bundles of human hair or custom hair wigs, it’s extremely important to figure out what works for you – fast. I’ve purchased quite a few affordable synthetic wigs from the beauty supply store in the past because a weave adventure set me back a paycheck or two. It’s frustrating; no doubt. But, there are a few tricks I’ve picked up on over the years that will help you determine what works as fast as you can. And, guess what? I’m sharing!

1. Remember that Apps Are Your Friend Your smartphone really can do anything these days. Including help you try on hairstyles. There are lots of hair apps out there that will allow you to upload a picture of yourself and swap out curly, straight, long or short ‘dos. Get into it! If wavy isn’t for you, you can find out with the swipe of a finger rather than a swipe of your debit card.

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2. Ask A Friend For Their Honesty You may find it tough to judge yourself harshly when it comes to a new hairstyle, but a true friend shouldn’t hesitate to give you her honest opinion on whether or not it works for you. Ask your girls which of your past looks they loved and which they could have done without. It will instantly help with the elimination process.

3. Check The Reviews Before you splurge on a fresh bundle of pricey human hair, or on a custom wig, do your research. There are more weave and wig vloggers on YouTube than I can keep track of these days, and a simple search of the hair product name and style will lead you right to one of their video tutorials or reviews. Look for vloggers with similar face structures, styling skills and needs to find the closest match to your own.

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4. Be True To Yourself For Black women, our hair really is one of our favorite forms of self-expression. (Don’t you love that?) When we nail the look, our confidence levels skyrocket and we walk with just a little more swag. If you’re starting your styling exploration with a color, cut or look that you’re not comfortable with, you’re never going to own it like you should.

How did you find your “weave happy place”? Share your tips and tricks below!

Charli Penn is the Relationships Editor for ESSENCE.com and a marriage blogger who enjoys taking in a breathtaking city skylines from a rooftop bar, online shopping and changing her hair like the weather. She’s a proud member of #teamlonghairdontcare and a wig enthusiast. Say hello below!