As I’ve mentioned a time or two in this column, there really aren’t many hairstyles more versatile than a wig. This becomes a huge plus if you like to travel. My wigs (and weaves) and I have gone on quite a few big adventures together from Greece to Mexico. Truthfully, we’ve had both good and bad times. Sometimes it’s effortless and routine, but other times I’ve run into the disaster zone. There are some crucial things to remember if you’re planning to wear a wig (that’s not sewed or glued) on vacation. Let me break down what I’ve learned from experience:

Check the Weather

Think about where and when you’re going. Heading to the windy city in a wig is probably a no-no. Or, if you’re going on a cruise or a beach vacation where you’re going to get your hair wet constantly, rockin’ a fresh new wig won’t work either. The last thing you need on vacation is a weather disaster to give you a look you won’t love in all your pictures. I once got caught on a boat ride that wasn’t supposed to do more than “splash a little water” on you, and a wound up washed up in minus one wig when we docked.

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Be Secure

If you’re going to be moving around more than usual on vacation, make sure your wig can hang with you. When it comes to security, not all wigs are created equal. Some have clips on the sides and in the top that will hold tight to your wig cap or braids, while others are for more everyday wear-to-work use and they only tighten with a headband and clasp in the back. I once lost a wig after a rough ATV ride in the islands and I vowed to never leave home with a wig without a clip (or two) again.

Spend A Little

As long as you’re certain you’re not heading somewhere your wig can’t survive, I recommend purchasing one that will be as flexible as you need it too—you can use heat on it or wash and restyle. It could cost you a little more, but the ability to change your look from night to day is worth it.