Solange’s Weave Dilemma Has One Glaring Detail
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Michael Kors

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I would love to be Solange’s best friend. We’d always greet each other with a “hey girl, hey!,” thrift every weekend and decorate our hair with contour clips. However, let’s be real: the chances of this actually happening are slim to none. Sometimes, the world is just that cruel and I would probably freeze in her presence anyway. 

Regardless of those shattered dreams, Solo constantly reminds me that being a carefree black girl is lit, even when your bundle delivery is late.

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Yesterday (Aug. 25), she put the powers that be on blast for playing with her precious cargo: 

The first thought I had was “yaaas” because we’ve all been there. When your hair is late and you have places to be, all patience goes out the window and panic sets in. A girl’s hair needs to be on point! However, who I really need answers from is the company responsible for Solange’s missing package—Postmates?! 

I assumed the delivery service was exclusively for food. Clearly, more attention should be paid because that includes “stores,” too. With so many options on the market, you can’t blame me for missing this very important detail. If I can get my bundles and brunch at the same time, Postmates is well worth the investment. 

I’ve seen the light, Solange. Thank you.


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