The Perfect Place to Store Your New Hair Extensions
Hair Clutch

You know the scene: You’re packing a bag for your best friends wedding but you’re not sure where to store your extensions. Should you keep them in a plastic bag? A small cosmetic bag? Or, worse, throwing it in the smallest section in your luggage. Well now you can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair storage.

HairClutch is a multi-purpose hair extension storage and travel solution, as well as the perfect hair extension styling hanger. Which essentially means, you can say “goodbye” knotted, tangled hair. The HairClutch features high end finishes and soft magnetic flaps that hug your hair into place without denting it. Just simply unlock it, unbutton the protective cover and insert hair in between the magnetic flaps. And, when you’re done storing your hair use the svelte, structured clutch as a small evening bag.

Currently, the bag is available in black and sky blue colors for $98.

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Where do you store your hair when traveling?