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<p>Nicki Minaj Hilariously Calls Out Company For Selling A $3,850 Wig Inspired By Her Hair</p>

"I'd like to get a cpl coinz too if possible sis!"


Nicki Minaj has never been one to hold her tongue, especially when it comes to her signature style. Yesterday (July 12), the rapper and actress took an unnamed company to task for trying to sell a luxury wig that’s essentially a carbon copy of the floor-swept hair she’s been rocking in recent months.

In fact, the company went as far as to label it “Nicki Minaj-inspired”…because there’s no shame in their game. The glaring problem is that whoever gave the green light for this $3,850 look (!) clearly didn’t consult with Minaj, who hilariously called them out on Instagram. 

“…Charging 4 racks for a Nicki wig. Can I get a small consultant fee?,” she wrote. “I’d like to get a cpl coinz too if possible sis!”

Of course, her fans and followers shared in the laugh, saying that if they pay that price, it better cover rent, tuition and credit card bills, too. And we can’t help but agree!   

While plenty of hair distributors have wigs and bundles named after Nicki, none have had the audacity to charge such a hefty price tag without even being officially associated with the rapper herself.  

Let’s hope noone repeats this major fail. 


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