How I Got Over Missing My Natural Hair When Wearing Weaves
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As much as I love the convenience of wearing wigs, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my real hair sometimes. There’s nothing like catching a glimpse of a good hair day in the mirror and smiling with pride because you know it’s all-you up there. There’s a certain confidence that comes with that moment that’s really incomparable. I miss that; I do. Even when you’re hooked on wigs and weaves, there are moments you’d rather just wake up to your true locks and make them work for you. I go through phases where I feel conflicted about whether or not to just commit to wearing the hair God gave me again or to continue to go the easy route.

My schedule makes it so that wigs/weaves always win, but that doesn’t mean I don’t long to run my fingers through my real hair while I’m sitting behind my desk. I miss my hair the most as the weather starts to warm up, because let’s face it, wearing wigs and weaves is like living in a hat—no matter how thin the lace or how much hair you leave out on top. The easiest way to beat the heat would be to stick to my hair for the summer, but then I’d have a whole new list of problems to endure: 1. Humidity failures. 2. Sweaty bangs. 3. Less fun on the beach.

So, alas, I chose to suffer through the heat a little in favor of the most practical (yet fab) option. And, I can live with that. But, the fond memories never go away. You know, my hair is like the best friend you don’t ever get to see as often as you’d I’d like, but when you do get together, it’s like you never skipped a beat.

Am I alone here?