Ask The Experts: Sherri Shepherd Talks Transforming Your Wig From Winter to Spring
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When it comes to changing your look with wigs Sherri Shepherd lives by one mantra: “You’re born with the hair you’ve got, but wigs allow you to have the hair you want!” This season, the brand ambassador for LUX HAIR NOW wants ladies to take risks and be bold with hair enhancements. Here, she dishes on quick ways to revamp your look by embracing wigs. What’s an easy way to transform your look for the new season?
Sherri Shepherd: As a child, wearing wigs is how I bonded with my mother and grandmother—they would become different people and I loved it. For me, spring is a great time to try color; try styles you love in a different color. I love fiery reds—those wigs are so fun! I encourage ladies to come out of 1B land and be someone you’ve always wanted to be. That’s easy for you to say! How do you build up the confidence to wear a bright red wig?
Shepherd: Grab your girls, put on mascara and lipstick and have fun together. Wig shopping should be a girls night out! Once you have the wig you want, own it! Wear it all weekend. We always think someone is looking at us, but really no one is looking at you!

Loading the player... What wig styles are you liking this season?
Shepherd: I’m loving bangs for spring. Most people wear wigs in ponytails, but I encourage you to try something different. My wigs are clip on, so when you go home you can lay it on the nightstand and relax! Wigs can get really hot during the warmer temperatures. How do you cool yourself when wearing them?
Shepherd: I like wearing it on the side and tied with a ribbon. I’ll also wear bobby pins and pin it up, or even wear a hat. What big risk are you taking with wigs this season?
Shepherd: I’ve been wearing shorter wigs, so I’m ready to try long spiky hair. I also love bobs, so I’ll try a nicely cut bob too.

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