As a child, actress Angela Robinson styled her mother’s wigs into beautiful creations. Fast forward to her adult life on the set of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots and she’s still flaunting various weaves and wigs. “I love to change my hair…long one day, short the next,” says Angela who stars as Veronica on the television drama, and who also played the role of Shug Avery in The Color Purple on Broadway. “The artist in me welcomes another opportunity to be creative.” Here, she dishes on her off camera hair care regime and what it means to have versatility with natural hair. What are your favorite hair care brands?
Angela Robinson: It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner softens my hair before braiding or styling. ION Hair semi-permanent color is long lasting. I no longer have a perm, but when I did, I always used Creme of Nature relaxer. I have recently been introduced to Creme of Nature products for natural hair and I love them! My favorite is the Edge Gel and Argan Oil. What has your hair journey been like?
Robinson: My hair journey has been lots of fun. I have always loved wigs and pieces so I am never tied down to one style. When I was growing up my father would not allow me to get a perm, so I straightened my hair for special occasions. Yes, I sat in the chair with the hot comb and the burnt ears for Easter and prom. I begged my dad for a perm, but he said ‘No, you should fall in love with your natural hair first, then you can do whatever you want to it’. When I went away to college, that was my first order of business….get a perm! When I started my theatre career, I was in wigs every night and leaving the theatre in head wraps or hats. This was the perfect time to let the perm grow out. When I wanted straight hair, I bought it. The thing I love most about our hair is the versatility. There is no look we can’t achieve. I love that I can be creative with my hair.

Loading the player... What’s your hair care regimen?
Robinson: I’m doing a pretty intense workout program, so I sweat a lot. Because of this, I wash my hair once, sometime twice a week. I deep condition once a month, and I wear wigs on the show so during filming my hair is moisturized and braided down under the wigs. It gives my hair a break from heat and damaging products. What types of hairstyles do you enjoy the most wear the most?
Robinson: I don’t wear any one style most. Most people know me as the lady who changes her hair all the time. I get bored quickly with any one hairstyle.

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