Please Watch This Mother and Her Adorable Toddler Have #SalonTalk

We've all had this conversation...or something like it, with our stylist.
DJ Khaled and Asahd may have their #MogulTalk, but one mommy and daughter duo are going viral for their #salontalk. In a clip posted by Kerry Robinson, we get some insight into how she hilariously converses with daughter Jayde, who has already mastered the art of hair brushing and chatting with salon clients. The mom talks about her husband making her wake up to feed the baby (which Jayde says is “cwazy”), to telling Jayde they have tickets or Sea World–cue a super shocked face from the toddler. The cute and cognizant responses from the one year old show us that not only does she have a great sense of humor, but is smart as well. Kerry told she started recording #salontalk to get the babbling and bright baby to calm down. She had been running all around the house, so she handed her a brush and told her to calm down and “just brush mommy’s hair.” Kerry then took out her phone and began recording on Snapchat, saying that Jayde loves to talk in her videos. What she recorded turned into viral gold, as the video has been retweeted more than 70,000 times on Twitter, and hundreds of thousands of time on Instagram and Facebook.     If you’re in needed of a heartwarming laugh, check out the video above.