This Little Girl Hilariously Altered Her Back To School Hairdo
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Back to school season can be a fun experience for many kids, but for some, it proves to be a very long day.

So was the case when five year old Charle-feigh embarked on her first day of kindergarten.

Like any proud parent, Charle-feigh’s mother, Markeisha Simien, made sure her daughter’s school uniform was pressed and her hair was perfectly styled for her first day of school. And because she was so excited for her little one, Markeisha took a back-to-school photo of Charle-feigh before her day began.

Much to Markeisha’s dismay, when she picked up her daughter from school, Charle-feigh looked much different, having decided to make a few changes to her hairstyle while she was in class. 

Markeisha posted both the “before” and “after” picture of Charle-feigh’s hair on Facebook, and before she knew it, the hilarious moment had gone viral.

While Markeisha admits that at first she was furious, the two ultimately had a good laugh about it.

 “Thanks everyone! She is really a joy! I was upset, true! But me and my baby laughed together at her hair redo!,” she wrote in the comments. 

Now, Markeisha says she makes sure to ask Charle-feigh if she intends to play with hair during school.

We feel you though Charle-feigh. Sometimes that first day back to school (or even work) can be stressful.

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