Watch This Hilarious Video of a Woman Turning Her Leggings Into the Perfect Turban
Granger Wootz/Getty Images

Any beauty trick that saves us time or money is a win our book. When we came across a video on comedian @iamzoie’s Instagram page that showed us how to do both, we were so with it. 

In the video, Kilolo Keys shows us how to quickly and easily turn a pair of leggings into the perfect turban. “I am wearing my leggings,” she says and then artfully ties the athleticwear into a beautiful protective style. Before tying her turban, the star of the video makes certain to protect her hair beforehand. 

Of course, Iamzoie lends his hilarious commentary to the video and says everything that we were thinking as we watched. 

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Let us know, would you ever try wearing your leggings as a turban?